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I am a Saint Louis Missouri consultant specializing in small business computing, imaging, audio and security. I can be reached during the day (and during evenings in case of emergencies) at (314) 776-2799 (telephone only, no voice mail). My schedule is busy but flexible.

I have a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering; my Electrical Engineering interests grew from my ham radio activities (currently licensed as KD0AZ) during high school. My language skills are deficient: United States English and some Latin. I am a baptized Methodist -- I claim no other religious affiliation.

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An amateur photographer since 1971, I am pursuing a second career in photography and HD video. I'll use this space to post IMO media worthwhile examples (e.g., a photograph, slideshow or video) with updates on no particular schedule:

My private aviation buddy's favorite saying applies to the Covid era:
Takeoffs are optional; landings are mandatory.

My afterhours activities are cycling, cooking and pondering unfathomable culture.

I can visualize a person reading my unfathomable culture topic list, wrinkling their nose and thinking Discussing some of these topics is not politically correct! My goal is not to offend; instead my goal is to understand. IMO understanding is good.

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