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IT senior gurus become project managers because they are technically proficient and because they want to keep busy and happy. Poor business skills and / or weak social skills can misdirect a consulting business, however, and underworked helpers are additional mouths to feed. IMO the listed references are rest stops on the road to project management success.

MCSE Consulting Bible
by Harry Brelsford

677 page clearly written guide to the sales, management and technical aspects of MCSE consulting.

Building Profitable Solutions with Microsoft BackOffice Small Businesss Server 4.5
by Joshua Feinberg

640 page clearly written guide to consulting as an SBS Value Added Provider. Includes Templates / Utilities CDROM.

How to be a Successful Computer Consultant
by Alan R. Simon

c1998 348 page clearly written introduction to IT consulting.

The Small Business Survival Guide: A Handbook
by Bob Coleman

350 page well written introduction to small business finances and legalities.

The Consultant's Kit; Establishing and Operating Your Successful Consulting Business
by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

190 page clearly written introduction to small business consulting. Includes 86 pages of sample forms.

Systems Analysis & Design for Management
by Paul Gross and Robert D. Smith

468 page clearly written text emphasizes customer participation during analysis / design to eliminate operations problems.

System Analysis and Design Methods (Second Edition)
by Jeff Whitten, Lonnie Bartley and Vic Barlow

797 page well organized guide to IT analysis and design.

Using Microsoft Project 4 for Windows
by Tim Pyron

780 page well written guide for Microsoft Project users. Explains project planning and management concepts.

Woody Leonhard Teaches Microsoft Office 97
by Woody Leonhard

716 page clearly written guide for Office 97 users.

Using Microsoft Office 97
by Kathy Ivens et al

1129 page well written comprehensive guide to using Office 97. Includes documents / utilities CDROM.

Office 97 Annoyances
by Woody Leonhard, Lee Hudspath and T. J. Lee

397 page clearly written secrets guide for Office 97 power users.

Further Up the Organization: ...
by Robert Townsend

Insights into motivating people and increasing productivity from Avis Corporation's former CEO.

The Official Rules
by Paul Dickson

A humorous collection of rules about living and working in the real world.

The Theory and Practice of Gamesmanship: ...
by Stephen Potter

c1948 farcical treatise concerning antisocial games and how to counter them. British dry humor.

One-upmanship: ...
by Stephen Potter

c1952 farcical treatise concerning antisocial games and how to counter them. British dry humor.

The Joy of Work
by Scott Adams

This cynically funny book reminds us that some of our co-workers are not similarly motivated (i.e., team players with different game plans).

Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do
by Studs Terkel

This c1997 book provides over 100 interviews discussing how people in various occupations view work and its benefits. Worker career optimism has waned IMO as US manufacturing jobs migrate overseas and US service jobs increasingly are automated out of existence.

Little Shop of Horrors
starring Jack Nicholson

Any businessperson contemplating adding employees should first view this film.

Torn From The Arms Of Satan
by Elizabeth R. Burchard and Judith L. Carlone

Any businessperson contemplating adding social friends to their staff should first read this catastrophic case history.

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