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Formerly I worked as a computer programmer (Fortran and C programming languages). When I wanted to write a recreational computer program, something more complex than I could implement using a spreadsheet, I quickly realized that modern PCs no longer include a no cost Basic interpreter along with their operating system.

Then I learned that Fortran and C both are obsolete, and I began to investigate modern programming environments. Microsoft's .NET technology stack offers a complete turnkey commercial capability, IBM and Oracle each offer Java-based complete turnkey commercial capabilities, and open source Java-based environments (e.g., Apache Tomcat) are economical. But the programs produced on the different vendors' Java-based programming environments are not always interoperable (i.e., not mutually compatible).

In the used marketplace I purchased the following software and documentation as an affordable modern programming environment implementing Microsoft's Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET:

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Developer

This development package is designed to be installed on a Windows 2000 Server supporting a programmer/analyst group, but it provides a standalone capability when installed on a Windows NT 4.0 Workstation. More recent versions of Visual Studio .NET (additional features) are compatible with programs produced on this version of Visual Studio .NET.

Visual Studio .NET All in One Desk Reference For Dummies
by Nitin Pandey et al

Developing Applications with Visual Studio .NET
by Richard Grimes

The Book of Visual Studio .NET
by Robert B. Dunaway

Karl Moore's Visual Basic .NET: The Tutorials
by Karl Moore

Mastering Visual Basic .NET
by Evangelos Petroutsos

101 Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Applications
by Sean Campbell et al

Visual Basic .NET Programming
by Harold Davis

Sam's Teach Yourself C# in 24 Hours
by James Foxall and Wendy Haro-Chun

C# For Dummies
by Stephen Randy Davis

Beginning Visual C# (Programmer to Programmer)
by Karli Watson et al

Professional C# (Programmer to Programmer) 3rd Edition
by Simon Robinson et al

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